Best Tasmanian Whisky Launceston Distillery

Best Australian Whisky – Launceston Distillery Bourbon Cask Matured – H17-04

Launceston Distillery Bourbon Cask Best Australian Whisky

Launceston Distillery is passionate about producing the finest quality Tasmanian single malt whisky. Traditional methods and equipment combine with skilful craftsmanship, to ensure that every bottle of Launceston Distillery whisky is finished to perfection.

Launceston Distillery – H17-04 Bourbon Cask Matured

This whisky was matured in small American oak casks. 46% abv.

Batch Nº: H17-04 
ABV: 48.6%
Bottled: November 2018
500ml: $156 (335 Bottles)

Best Tasmanian Whisky Launceston Distillery

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Bright fragrant aromas with hints of vanilla, honey and pears.


A soft mouthfeel with subtle sweet bourbon notes, vanilla, honey and green fruit.


A pleasant, smooth and lingering finish.

About Launceston Distillery

Launceston Distillery sits proudly in the heart of Tasmania, based at Launceston Airport’s Hangar 17 – the state’s oldest commercial aviation building.

Their home is the gateway to Northern Tasmania, a region rich in natural beauty and renowned for its premium food, wine and, now, whisky.

Head distiller Chris Condon has a background in the pharmaceutical industry as a quality analyst, Chris crafts his whisky with a fine attention to detail. He developed his love of brewing and distilling as a brewing team leader at Boags Brewery, before becoming the founding distiller at Nant Distillery from 2008 to 2011.

When you buy a bottle of Launceston Distillery whisky you are purchasing a product made with heart and soul. Launceston Distillery whisky is distilled using the finest Tasmanian ingredients and patiently matures in their specially-sourced barrels. As a result of quality and consistency, they guarantee excellence in every bottle.

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