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Lord Byron Distillery Pure Single Rum Barrel #2

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Lord Byron Distillery one of a small, passionate group of artisan distillers from around the globe dedicated to reintroducing real Rum to the world

Lord Byron Distillery Pure Single Rum Barrel #2

We are the first Australian Rum distillery to release Pure Single Rum under the internationally recognised Gargano classification system. Our artisan distillers hand make our own ferment from local molasses and filtered spring water, prior to it being double batch distilled in pot stills. We mature our premium Rums in quality oak casks, not vats, in the region where the cane was grown. All this takes time and costs more, but we believe this is the only way Rum should be made.

This rum is from 2018 cane harvest molasses that has been aged in a 260 litre, refired red wine cask. Bottled in 2021 at cask strength as a numbered release the beautiful caramel, chocolate, licorice and raisin flavours perfectly compliment the cleanliness of the double distilled spirit. This is a great sipper and also a collectable. Buy one to keep, one to drink and one to sell in time.

You will taste the difference. This is the Spirit of Byron.

Batch Nº: Rum Barrel #2

ABV 55.5%

700ml: $119


Lord Byron Distillery Rum

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Beautiful caramel, chocolate, licorice and raisin flavours perfectly compliment the cleanliness of the double distilled spirit.


About Lord Byron Distillery

Lord Byron Distillery

Lord Byron Distillery believe everyone deserves to know where their drinks come from and how they are made. They started Lord Byron Distillery in Byron Bay so they could distil artisanal spirits for the discerning consumer from ingredients sourced from their own family farm and other local growers. Produced with the dedication, care and passion of a bygone era, combining sustainability with provenance – Lord Byron Distillery deliver a premium experience for everyone to share and enjoy.

The earliest record of the Restall family in Byron Shire dates back to 1897 when Jack Restall was the local butcher in Billinudgel. Although this fact wasn’t discovered by Brian and Helen Restall until recently, it explains why they have always had a deep sense of affinity with the area and to traditional trade and craftmanship. The farm they purchased has been a family owned business for generations and Brian and Helen continue this tradition with their own family, ensuring the integrity and provenance of their hand-crafted artisanal drinks.

Lord Byron Distillery have set about returning the farm to a more productive and sustainable venture. The vision is for a farming enterprise that sells its produce to a micro-distillery, proving that small scale farming can be done sustainably and profitably. Examples of delivering on this vision, can be seen in decision like only using renewable electricity for the farm and Lord Byron Distillery as well as ensuring the micro distillery is a zero discharge site. Value adding to the co-products of the micro-distillery creates valuable liquid fertilisers and a cattle feed additive. These products, that in other micro distilleries are discharged and wasted, are used by the Restall family to help their own farm, as well as other local farmers and gardeners to reduce the amount of mining and fossil fuel derived products they currently use.

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