Tin Shed Distilling - Iniquity

Tin Shed Distilling – Iniquity Single Malt Whisky – 021

Tin Shed Distilling – Iniquity Best Australian Whisky

Tin Shed Distilling – a boutique artisanal producer of world class single malt whisky, vodka and rum with unique South Australian character

Iniquity Single Malt Whisky Release 021

Primarily cask 150, a French Oak re-charred red wine cask with elements of other tawny and apera casks for balance.

Batch Nº: 021
ABV: 46%
Bottled: April 2021
700ml: $160


Tin Shed Distilling Iniquity Single Malt Whisky

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Honey, stubble fields with earthy and grassy notes, malted barley. After 15-20 minutes ic gradually changes to notes of dried fruit and orange zest.


Eucalyptus, fresh cut cedar and apple skins. After 15-20 minutes it evolves into fruit trifle with burnt toffee and caramel crepe highlights.


Gently lingering with the cedar and gum leaves taking turns to lead. After 15-20 minutes the finish becomes soft and luxurious.

About Tin Shed Distilling

Tin Shed Distilling

A Journey in Spirit

Starting a distillery from scratch is a mad cap idea, or so some might conclude after investigating the logistics of turning such a dream into reality! It does take determination, dedication and an unshakeable belief in that dream. In a sense it is a real journey in spirit, even before the first spirit starts flowing from the stills.

Tin Shed has been built on this spirit. Every step of the process they employ is hands on; from milling the malt, stirring the mash, making the cut and moving the barrels, to judging which casks to use, bottling, labelling and shipping bottles of INIQUITY to their clients and friends.

True, they are more hands-on than some may consider necessary, but that is the way Tin Shed Distilling choose to make INIQUITY because they believe their way produces the depth of flavour they demand of their whiskies. In short, they simply would not do it any other way.

Bringing Tin Shed Distilling whisky, INIQUITY, to the market has been a real journey and has tested their individual and collective spirit at every step! Tin Shed Distilling are proud of what they have achieved. They invite you to share their passion, and enjoy your own journey in spirit, their spirit, INIQUITY.

Tin Shed Distilling Spirits

At Tin Shed, they pride themsselves on producing artisan spirits that do not disappoint. Their focus is always on flavour rather than efficiency. Everything is done by hand with meticulous attention to detail and quality. Tin Shed Distilling use local grain, local peat and local Mallee stumps to smoke their whisky. They do not chill-filter their whiskies or rums, so it is quite common to see some flocculation in the bottle (give it a good shake and it will dissolve again).

Whisky and rum making is an art; it requires good quality ingredients, good oak, skill and, finally, enough time in the right environment to produce the depth and richness of flavour they strive for in their spirits. Tin Shed Distilling aim to produce a masterpiece each time; a whisky or rum that will entice, tease and satisfy the most discerning palate and deliver enjoyment with every sip.

Piotr Vodka is a labour of love. Tin Shed Founder Vic Orlow’s father was a Cossack with a passion for vodka made the way was it in his village 100 years ago and Tin Shed Distilling vodka is named after him.

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